What is the delivery time?

When I’m online I deliver accounts in a couple minutes, however the maximum delivery time is 72 hours.

For Reddit backlinks, the delivery time depends on URL amount, but the normal maximum is 72 hours.

What I will receive?

For Reddit accounts you will get username and password for Reddit and email + profile URL.

For SEO links, after your URL’s are placed in a custom subreddit, I will send a report of it.

How the accounts are created? Which country?

Accounts are manually created on top tier country IP’s like US/CA/UK.

What type of karma does the accounts have?

Mixed post and comment karma, but usually a lot more post karma.

Some accounts, especially ones with higher karma also have various awards, but this is not a rule.

When ordering Reddit links, please provide your URL’s, and optionally keywords for them.


Although I’m very helpful and I try to help at all times, below are my policies:

If I can’t deliver your order within 72 hours, you can ask for – and will send a full refund based on your request.

Accounts: If you can’t login into the provided accounts, I will do a replacement within 72 hours. No refunds/replacements will be made after 24 hours passed since delivery. (Please note that relatively bigger orders has account profile screenshots at the time of delivery.)

Reddit links: There is a 6 months URL refill time if your links happens to get offline along with my posting account or subreddit, given your links aren’t flagged by Reddit and can be still safely posted.

No refunds/replacements will be made after 6 months passed since the order.